Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Moto L7: Extremely Attractive

Motorola slvr L7 is the best mobile phone in its range of very slim phones. The graceful form of Motorola L7 conceals a digital audio player, an integrated camera, Bluetooth technology and a host of other sophisticated features. The slim design and the feather like weight make it easy to fit into your palms. The display of L7 is brilliant resolution of 176 x 220 pixels, and the presence of 262K vivid colors. The contrast is excellent. The multimedia features include VGA camera, video capture and playback, and 512 megabytes of optional expandable memory. The average battery of Moto L7 is about 2-3 days and the battery is fully recharged in less than 2 hours. The Slvr L7 is versatile enough to let you send text messages and instant messages, and to let you send e-mail via POP3 accounts. The key features of the phone include Quad band (which works almost worldwide), camera, record and play video clips, excellent quality colour screen, built-in MP3 player, polyphonic & MP3 ring tones, hands free speakerphone. The SLVR L7 is for those who look for stunning looks and extreme portability. The polished metal keyboard is topped by a vibrant, glossy display. So if you're shopping for a thin and attractive phone and are a candy bar fan, the Moto L7 is for you.

Apart from looks the phone still manages a good feature set given its pretty-face appeal. Overall it is believed that the Moto SLVR L7 is an improvement on the V3 Razr in terms of operation. It is surely a fashion phone for fashion victims. If you were taken in by the ultra slim and light V3 Razr then you will most likely love the ultra slimmer SLVR L7. This eye-catching thinness is easily the best feature in the Moto L7. Weighing only 85g, you often forget that you've got it in your pocket. Its pretty, sleek, and fairly easy to use for making and receiving calls; and its integration of iPod features is a great added feature.So the Motorola L7 combines superb performance with cutting-edge features.